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Automated Demand Response

Earn incentives when you reduce your energy demand

Our Automated Demand Response (ADR) Program rewards you for temporarily reducing your electrical demand and supports grid reliability in Connecticut. When you reduce your demand, or shift to another time of the day, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions — all while earning financial incentives for your business.

Program Overview

By reducing your energy usage, you will be eligible for yearly incentive payments. Here’s how it works:

A reduction event is called up to 15 times in a calendar year

Take action to reduce your energy usage

Incentive is calculated at $50 per kW reduced, based on the average hourly event load reduction over all annual events

Total incentives earned are paid out at the end of each season

*Savings based on the average load reduction over all events X $50 per kW reduced

How to Sign-Up

  1. Fill out the contact form below
  2. Get contacted for a no-cost survey to see if you qualify for the program

It’s that simple

ADR Program Benefits

  • Easy to participate – your energy demand reduction is automated.
  • Provides performance incentives for participating in ADR events.
  • Our ADR team handles the entire process, from application to verification and testing.
  • No customer penalties for reduced or non participation in an event – you are always in control.

Learn how demand response can help you manage peak demand and earn financial incentives.

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